Publication of PCBIDB and PCBID V2.0 Specifications 3rd Draft

The third draft of PCBID V2.0 is already published. It includes a complete revision of the specifications, with major changes that break compatibility of previous versions and external tools that worked under the previous specifications. The changes include changing the character set to one that is easier to read, removal of the use of the tilde which was confusing, and numerous clarifications to the original text. The specifications are available in the PCBID Specifications repository.

PCBWay Manufacturing Review

PCBs are a fundamental part of our day-to-day in modern life, forming part of the devices that surround us. From professionals to makers or hackers, being able to manufacture our own PCBs is fundamental for innovation and the creation of new products. Thanks to the great accessibility that exists today to manufacture professional-grade PCBs for less than the cost of materials for home manufacturing, it makes home-etch boards or other types of diy boards less and less necessary.

Publication of PCBID Tools and PCBID V2 Specifications 2nd draft

The second draft of the PCBID V2 Specifications has been published. Among other changes it simplifies the handling of files and adds technical details. The specifications are available in the PCBID Specifications repository. These new specifications are still a draft and new changes can be added, the repository is open to receive issues with proposals for improvement. Based on this second draft, the external toolkit that allows the generation of PCBID numbering has also been published.